Exploitation Toolkit Icarus

This post is a follow up of my presentation at Athcon 2013 a couple of days ago, in which a public release of ETI Toolkit was announced but not gone through, due to technical issues with the Wi-Fi connection (mostly because of the chain of systems pretending to be the gateway). The Icarus library is a set of cross platform designed tools/functions and modules for assisting in the development of proof of concept exploit code.

You can download the slides here:
Athcon 2013: The Icarus Story (9769)

This release includes the following projects:
iDisasm Library (Disassembly library) Github Link
Exploitation Toolkit Icarus (ETI) Library Github Link
Console User Interface Github Link

You can download the initial Windows release at the link below (note that you might require the Microsoft redistributable packages (msvcrt10.dll) to run the application)
Icarus Command Line (8754)

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